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Increase Optics Utilizing Current Facility Infrastructure


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Honeywell Gas Analytics Patented Reflex™ Technology

Increasing operator confidence in a gas detector’s operability!  Honeywell's patented Reflex™ Technology found within their electrochemical sensors overcomes a typically unseen sensor failure mode by performing an electrical bump test, introducing signals into a cell at regular intervals and..

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Fixed Gas Detection - Bluetooth Equipped

Simplify your installations, expedite commissioning, and reduce maintenance with Honeywell's line of Bluetooth-Enabled Fixed Gas Detectors. 

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Honeywell Gas Analytics Patented SureCell™ Design

The Next Generation of Electrochemical Sensors Electrochemical sensors have proven popular for toxic gas detection due to their low power requirements, small size, and low cost. However, field studies have shown that not all designs can adapt to extreme environments without suffering some..

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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Gas Detection System

Designing a Gas Detection System   One of the most difficult task for a safety engineer is to design a gas detection system that balances safety with cost.  What makes it most difficult is that no two installations are the same.  For example, a gasoline LEL application will look much..

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