Do You Require An Electric Actuator Urgently? We Have A Solution!




Our manufacBECK Rapid Responseturer, BECK, understands that your business cannot always wait until it’s convenient for your actuator supplier to ship. That’s why when urgent situations arise, Beck can respond by building and shipping most actuator configurations within FOUR HOURS! BECK's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Newtown, PA USA is equipped with a rapid response work cell dedicated to building actuators for emergency or high priority orders. Once an order is initiated, an expert assembler is assigned to fulfill your order exclusively.

Rapid Response actuators undergo the same rigorous quality checks and final testing as all BECK actuators. Finished, inspected actuators are shipped within four hours of order placement.

Call us at 800-992-2364 to place your Rapid Response order!

If you would like to know more information about BECK's Rapid Response Program, or have any valve or actuator related questions please reach out to our Valve & Actuation Solutions Business Development Manager, Huw Evans, at 778-870-5596. You can also request a virtual meeting with Huw by clicking on the link below:

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