Bonomi North America: Actuator Wiring Instructional Videos


COVID has made us all re-think and re-structure the way we do business. In-person meetings have become virtual. Email and phone correspondence has increased. Work days have become longer. Until now, one thing that hasn't changed is how we utilize .pdf or hard copy wiring diagrams to commission actuators. 

I don't know about you, but terminating wires by following a schematic can sometimes make your eyes crossed! Double and triple checking is usually the solution.

Our Manufacturer, Bonomi North America, have come out with a real neat concept of showing you how to disassemble and wire up their actuators by utilizing the power of video through YouTube! The videos slowly show you step by step instructions making it easy to follow along. 

Bonomi. Continually pushing boundaries. Making work easy.

Please click on the following link to access these videos:

Instructional Videos


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