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Pressure Transmitter Failing Due to Abrasion: Try a Ceramic Cell

There we go again...another failed pressure transmitter due to abrasion.

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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Gas Detection System

Designing a Gas Detection System   One of the most difficult task for a safety engineer is to design a gas detection system that balances safety with cost.  What makes it most difficult is that no two installations are the same.  For example, a gasoline LEL application will look much..

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Valve Actuation - RELIABILITY through advanced design

When choosing to automate valves in a plant it is important to understand the features of a product as well as the potential value that can be created by choosing an optimized solution. Too many companies tout the amazing list of detailed features that products have without understanding the..

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Is Your Building UNDER PERFORMING? Build Your Brand with Monitoring Based Commissioning

Portable Ultrasonic flow meter as a check against inline flow meters

Orcas Portable Flowmeter Case Study A municipality in lower British Columbia had been using electromagnetic technology (mag meter) to monitor potable water distribution. Concerns were raised when several of these meters began to report measurements significantly different from typical..

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Compressed Air System Optimization

  How critical is compressed air to your facility?  Without it, would you still be able to produce?   Do you know what the costs associated with operating air compression and what are the key drivers to these costs.  These are the common questions all facilities need to answer.  Typically,..

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