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Increase Optics Utilizing Current Facility Infrastructure


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Bonomi North America: Actuator Wiring Instructional Videos

COVID has made us all re-think and re-structure the way we do business. In-person meetings have become virtual. Email and phone correspondence has increased. Work days have become longer. Until now, one thing that hasn't changed is how we utilize .pdf or hard copy wiring diagrams to..

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How Process Heater Innovations Can Help Reduce Costs

SLATE™ Integrated Combustion Management System helps facilities reduce their energy intensity by optimizing process heater operations.

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5 Rock Solid Song Proofs Your Company Needs the ERA $55M Incentive.

Maybe Covid has finally driven me crazy!  I started writing a serious blog about the Government of Alberta's $55 million program to help small- and medium-sized businesses improve their facilities by making them more energy efficiency, but I was quickly distracted.  Instead, I thought I..

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Do You Require An Electric Actuator Urgently? We Have A Solution!

  BECK ELECTRIC ACTUATOR RAPID RESPONSE PROGRAM - SAME DAY SHIPMENT!    Our manufacturer, BECK, understands that your business cannot always wait until it’s convenient for your actuator supplier to ship. That’s why when urgent situations arise, Beck can respond by building and shipping most..

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Honeywell Gas Analytics Patented Reflex™ Technology

Increasing operator confidence in a gas detector’s operability!  Honeywell's patented Reflex™ Technology found within their electrochemical sensors overcomes a typically unseen sensor failure mode by performing an electrical bump test, introducing signals into a cell at regular intervals and..

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Electric Actuator Solutions for Continuous Process Control

As technology improves actuator companies are adapting their proven technology to automate process valves more efficiently and with higher precision. State of the art designs that do not compromise the reputation of manufacturing the best continuous electric control actuators in the market..

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